At ALUPROF we know what a life-saver extra minutes can be when the heat is on.
We also know that our Aluminium Fireproof Wall and Door Systems will help you clamp down on costs, at the same time providing exceptional technical support and intensive service levels.

Outstanding heat insulation and smoke-tightness; surgically precise profiles; all the key UK approvals…you're in safe hands. Want to operate with more safety and lower costs? You're better off with ALUPROF.

ALUPROF fire rated systems deliver unbeatable performance, meeting or exceeding relevant regulations throughout the EU and beyond.

Our pan-European scale means you gain valuable time via rapid ordering, short lead times, plus quick and simple installation. We're part of the GK Kety Group, a leading European aluminium producer for over 60 years. So yes, we're big.But we're also smart enough to know that personal, on your doorstep service is the bigger deal for our customers.

There's little point in choosing a good fire rated system if the service keeps you and your project waiting.

ALUPROF has the extensive UK service infrastructure that means whether you're a fabricator, contractor, investor or architect, we're always close to you. Quotes, specifications, problem solving, delivery
- it all happens faster and better with ALUPROF.

Download the full specifications our fire rated systems here

Fire Rated and Smoke Exhaust systems (168Kb).

Download the full MB-SR50N EI specification here (173Kb).

Download the full MB-78 EI specification here (350Kb).

Download the full MB-118EI specification here (350Kb).

Download the full MB-60E EI specification here (321Kb).

Download the full MB-78EI DPA specification here (84Kb).

Download the full MB-86EI specification here (84Kb).

We know that real world construction practicalities are what concern you.

Consequently ALUPROF offers the same UK safety and construction ratings as the cumbersome steel alternatives, but with a lower price tag, more design flexibility and better aesthetics. The bottom line? ALUPROF makes for fast, easy specs, manufacture and installation. And guess what that gains you.

  • MB-60E EI
  • MB-78EI DPA
  • MB-86SI EI

ALUPROF continues to be the prime choice for many contractors and manufacturers throughout the world. We have a long track record of successfully working with some of the best and most respected global players. Our systems were approved and successfully used in many leading projects, including London Olympics Athletes' Village and Liverpool FC's stadium. And while cost is always a major factor in choosing ALUPROF above other companies, the operational benefits of working with us are also hard to ignore.


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